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Curtains are an important decorative element. Harmoniously combined with the interior, they round off the room, bringing an atmosphere of comfort and coziness. We offer a huge selection of fabrics in a large range of color palette and texture that is ideal for any ideas of your interior.

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Step №1. Application

Fill out the form in our showrooms, pre-selecting the fabric or on these phones.

Step №2. Departure designer

The designer will come to your home, at a convenient time for you, measure the window curtains and develop exclusive design according to the interior of the room

Step №3. Calculating the cost and payment

Preparation and approval of the order value.

Step №4. Shipping & hinge

We deliver to your address and set FREE.


If your intention is to repair, move, or just a serious change of scenery at home, then chances are you already are thinking about where to buy curtains, new bed linen and other textile accessories. We are glad to announce that now buy curtains in Almaty you can in our online store curtains and home textiles.

Choosing finished curtains - a delicate matter and requires an exceptional creative organization. To select the perfect option, you will probably have to spend a lot of time looking at all available positions in our store fabrics in Almaty. If you have the time and desire to equip your home elegant and stylish, then you can safely get to work. We, in turn, suggest that you buy curtains inexpensively on our website. To simplify the problem, we propose to review general information about the varieties of curtains, which can be taken into account when buying.

In order to buy a product that will please the eye every day and create a cozy atmosphere in the house, you should carefully consider the layout of the room, choose the appropriate color and texture themes.


Even in the distant past the curtains and net curtains serve to limit penetration into the room sunlight. And to this day it is supported and improved. Modern manufacturers began to use when sewing special fabric curtains, which did not miss the sun's rays. But the choice of curtains are not often resorted, in some cases, residents of cities and hot sunny countries.

Buy cloth in Kazakhstan for sewing curtains or other textile attributes of any type you can on our website.

If you do not want to spend time sewing and want to buy ready-made curtains, Kazakhstan offers plenty of offline and online store for home textiles. Buy blinds online store you can at any time and our friendly consultants will gladly help you decide.

It is not important whether you pick up the curtains for the living room or curtains in the nursery, the decisive parameters are the practicality, durability, and the degree of harmonization with the overall ambience of the room.

For example, if the light situation prevails in the room, then the best way to fit the interior black and white curtains, thereby giving the room a sophisticated look.


Depending on the overall situation in the room and the type of furniture depends also what kind of shade better fit into the interior.

Our online shop curtains in Almaty offers its visitors a large collection of curtains and tyuley of different textures, sizes and colors.

The classic version curtains considered Italian. Here you can also choose the fabric for sewing necessary. The price of these models varies and depends on the quality and characteristics of the finished product sizes.

Roman blinds look more subdued, while subtly emphasizing the styles of the room. Ideal for kitchens and small rooms, in so far visually increase the room.

Buy fabric for curtains from the best manufacturers can be on the pages of our online shop.

For those who adhere to the modest, not pretentious, but at the same time exquisite home accessories, will be a pleasant discovery Japanese curtains. They are made of dense fabric panels on the principle of work reminiscent of the door to the sleeping compartment cabinets. Buy cloth in Almaty in various colors for the Japanese curtains can be on our website.


Many people come to the issue of the purchase of curtains for the house is very practical. For them, the main indicator is the quality and durability of the fabric. Good curtains for many years will delight residents and maintain a presentable appearance.

Buy fabric online store for high quality sewing curtains, pelmet or curtain can be at a very competitive price. From our store, each visitor will be able to choose the desired color, pattern, and even to buy fabric wholesale.

In any other store Astana tissue you will not find such a variety of models and collections, as site.

For the interior of any orientation and styling very important element is the presence of a beautiful shade. They are able to bring even the most simple unpretentious interior a touch of elegance, royal chic and comfort of the home.


If you want every room in your house has been on the pages of a fashion magazine about the interior, be sure to hang in the rooms blends perfectly in a particular room curtains. Internet shop cheaply offer you to update the desired textile accessories, thereby to make a profitable investment in your home comfort.

When buying curtains should remember one important rule: for every room in the house you need to pick up this kind of curtains, which will emphasize the dignity and hide minor flaws.

Thus, in the living room is a lot of furniture, be sure to buy curtains in the Italian style. They will be on the edges of the bomber, and thus will not look nalyapisto. For a child's room, you can choose colorful bright curtains. The Roman style is perfect for the kitchen, and concise style curtains in London can be used in the bathroom.

You can purchase two sets of household curtains on the room, and change them according to the season or to update and change the overall situation. This is especially true if you decide to wash one set, and can in an instant to change the situation in the house.

Buy curtains Kazakhstan online shop at any time and create a warm and cozy atmosphere in the house.