Company "TAC TEXTILE KAZAKHSTAN " founded in 2005 and is the official distributor in the Republic of Kazakhstan «Zorlu Textile Group», the largest manufacturer of high-quality organic textile products. Representation TAC TEXTILE equipped with modern exhibition hall , warehouse area of ​​2 million square meters and own fleet.

"TAC TEXTILE KAZAKHSTAN " has the exclusive rights to manage the portfolio of brands in the Republic of Kazakhstan : "TAC », «Valeron», «Pierre Cardin», as well as a portfolio of licenses and franchises :

  • Disney: Cars, Toy Story, Nemo, Winnie the Pooh, Pirates of Carribean, Narnia, Princess, Mickey Mouse
  • Marvel: Spiderman, Marvel Heroes, Ironman
  • D.C.Comics: Batman
  • Global Labels: Ferrari
  • Red Bull GmbH: Red Bull Racing
  • 20x Century Fox: Ice Age
  • Warner Brothers: Looney Tunes
  • Nickelodeon: Sponge Bob
  • Rainbow S.P.A.: WINX
  • Mattel: Barbie
  • American Greetings: Strawberry Shortcake

History of TAC in Kazakhstan

TAC - the standard satin in Kazakhstan. First brand TAC appeared in Kazakhstan in 90 years and was presented a set of bed linen, immediately won the love of consumers. TAC brand pioneered the highest quality satin threads, stylish design, created by technology and made ​​vivid panorama, and most importantly, safe for health dyes, as well as the original packaging-book. TAC forever remembered and earned the confidence of customers, becoming a benchmark in satin in the Republic of Kazakhstan and role model. The assortment of the company is presented in the following groups:

  • Bedroom. Bed linen, blankets, pillows, bedspreads, blankets, mattress covers.
  • Bathroom. Towels, bath mats.
  • Childhood. Products for children 0-3y.o. and 3-12 years. Bed linen, blankets,
  • pillows, blankets, bedspreads, mattress covers.
  • Tissue. Curtains and lace band. Curtains, drapes, organza, voile, etc.
  • Kitchen. Sets for the kitchen, table cloths, napkins, towels.

In 2005, the company began development of retail business under the franchise agreement. This project is part of a development strategy TAC retailer in the world. Currently in the Republic of Kazakhstan 6 flagship stores TAC HOUSE and 1 TAC OUTLET stores, 23 department in supermarket Ramstore and 150 dillerov.Proizvodstvennye power: 12 textile manufacturing companies rabotayuschiet not only in Turkey but also in other countries, the brand products are distributed across four continents. TAC TEXTILE company is the undisputed leader in the manufacturing of textile products in Turkey in its segment.

The brand TAC

Basics brand «TAC» were laid 40 years ago in Babadag Denizli, which is one of the traditional centers of production of textiles for the home. Carried away by the art of decorating a home, a family Zorlu in 1980 united under the name «TAC» their products, which by its superior quality and a wide range of highly appreciated customers. Brand «TAC», which until 1997 carried out its activities mainly on the domestic market in the same year with the introduction of companies «Zorlu Linen» expanded its scope and began to enter the international market.

With a large integrated manufacturing facilities in Europe, working on the latest technologies, and the principle of zero tolerance for defects, which involves attention to even the smallest detail at all stages of production, «TAC» is today a leader at home and abroad, and can compete with leading European brands. The quality standards of products, with the brand «TAC», recognized by numerous certificates issued by international organizations. In addition, «TAC» is a list of trademarks, supported government program TURQUALITY, which is the first and only program in the world of branding products and services.

Due to the operation and support of the program TURQUALITY, plans to increase the speed of propagation of a brand name abroad at least twice.

Today «TAC» - the largest brand of «Zorlu Textiles Group» and includes a wide range of products ranging from curtains to duvet covers, curtains up on towels from linen to the licensed products.
«TAC» sells its products to customers in approximately 500 concept stores and through a total of 1,500 outlets, located in Turkey, as well as its own concept stores, operating in about 30 countries worldwide. All products are tested in a laboratory that meets the requirements of modern times. Not only in quality but also in terms of design of new collections, traditionally presented twice a year, production of the trade mark "TAC" always meet customers' requirements and is a leader in the world of fashion home textile. Focusing on different groups of consumers, the brand name «TAC» creates new collection in collaboration with the world's trendsetters, carrying heavy investment in research and development activities, as well as on the development of ornamental art. Closely following the changing consumer preferences, brand «TAC», on the one hand, it offers products that reflect the latest trends in fashion, and on the other side of a very rich range of collections, containing a never aging classic range, which at any time suitable as dowry. Results of the study brand awareness, conducted in 2009, showed that the trade mark «TAC» occupies the first position in the ranking with 100% visibility indicator. At the core of this success is a high-quality policy of offering goods at relatively affordable prices, easy access to a wide network of sales and the principle of 100% customer satisfaction, achieved by meeting a variety of customer needs, until the unconditional reimbursement of costs incurred. Brands sustain itself as long as they are in tune with the changing world and seek to use the updated technology. «TAC» fits the requirements of the industry and the technology, and manufactured goods. Team of research and development activities, as well as product development of more than 100 people, members of the department of production and marketing, continues to develop new and popular products. Thus, new, cutting edge, high-quality goods brand «TAC», offered to buyers at a reasonable price, will support the crown of this brand for many years.

Certificate of Quality :

  • ISO 9001 The quality assurance system;
  • ISO 14001 The environmental management system;
  • Certificate of Environmental Management System;
  • Cortex product quality certified Certificate Oeko-Tex class 1.